Swiss Chocolate SCP (Only True Swiss Chocolate Lovers)

What happen, when a Swiss Germanspeaking Branch Member and a Swiss Frenchspeaking Branch Member meet?
A Swiss-Chocolate-SCP (*゚∀゚*)

Einer von RabeEiner von Rabe and Dr LekterDr Lekter


  • Swiss Chocolate (obvious)
    • Dr. Wondertainment
      • Doctor Isabel Helga Anastasia Parvati Wondertainment V?
    • Mrs. Mirabilis?
  • Funny Stuff!
  • Some sweet factory?
    • The Praline Box spit different Sweets out, chocolate, waffles etc.
    • Names are Copyrighted, „Dr. Wondertainment's Wonderbaaren Wafels”, „Dr. Wondertainment's True Swiss Heidi Chocolate”, „Dr. Wondertainment Fantastique Madeleine de la Lune“ and “Chocolatine au Paradis”

SCP 2:


Object Class: Safe1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-INT is stored in a standard secure cell in Section C1b at International Site INT-Mayim, Switzerland. SCP-XXX-INT is placed on a cylindrical pedestal.
A camera is positioned over SCP-XXX-INT in its locker, recording the movements of SCP-XXX-INT-A and -B.

Personal is only allowed to enter the containment, if they send a request to the Side Director one week before the Experiment or Interview. Personal that opposes, will be arrested and confronted with an accusation

Description: SCP-XXX-INT is a package of pralines. The words "Dr. Wondertainment™'s Wonderlander Pralinesbank of Sweetness™" are written in a squiggly font on it. In the upper right corner is a star bearing the inscription "After the original recipe of Mrs. Mirabilis©".

On the back of the packaging is the following:

Ingredients: true, high quality brown chocolate (Sugar, Cacao), lactose-free butter and milk from happy cows, gluten-free corn flour from Uncle Miller, sweet 'n' sour fruit preserves (raspberries, strawberries, mango, oranges, hazelnuts without going nuts), Dr. Wondertainment™’s Sweeter-Than-Allowed-Powder®, Dr. Wondertainment™’s Glitter Party Poppers®, Thoroughly Intense Vanilla™, Cotton Candy Caramel Colada™, Marvellous Marshmallow Mania™ [Wondert. Stuff]…
Can contain traces of joy©, fun© and happiness©.

SCP-XXX-INT can be opened; by sliding the container of the pralines, but in 90% of cases is empty. Sometimes can be heard a smooth, androgynous voice telling: "It's not time for [?]".
SCP-XXX-INT can hold eight (8) to twelve (12) pralines. When SCP-XXX-INT contains the sweets is part of a study, but in 60% of the time up to now it does, when someone is "ready to make a wish" and 20% when SCP-XXX-INT-A and/or SCP-XXX-INT-B wants to make an offering.
Those sweets are here referred as SCP-XXX-INT-P, from P-1 to P-12 for there position.

Following is a summery of all documented SCP-XXX-INT-P instance, which are disposed:

Product Name Date
No-Name xx.xx.20██
Dr. Wondertainment™'s True Swiss Heidi Chocolate xx.xx.20██
Dr. Wondertainment™ Fantastique Madeleine de la Lune xx.xx.20██
No-Name xx.xx.20██
Dr. Wondertainment™'s Wonderbaaren Wafels xx.xx.20██
Dr. Wondertainment™'s Sparkling Glitter Popcorn® xx.xx.20██
Dr. Wondertainment™ Fantastique Chocolatine au Paradis xx.xx.20██
L████ L█████ Milk Chocolate xx.xx.20██
cell-content xx.xx.20██
cell-content xx.xx.20██

In addition to the product's name, two young women are shown on the packaging, SCP-XXX-INT-A and -B. Tests showed that the figures move, but only slightly and when they are not observed directly. Using a camera producing a series of individual photographs, information about the figures' movements and their goal has been collected during testing. Instances of potential another figures are to be recorded as SCP-XXX-INT-C-#.

SCP-XXX-INT-A and -B have a playful nature, shown towards the Foundation personnel. SCP-XXX-INT-A is the taller one and wears a traditional knee-long skirt. SCP-XXX-INT-B is smaller and wears a Doctor outfit. SCP-XXX-INT-A and -B testified that they were images of their creators, but have not been connected with them. SCP-XXX-INT-A and -B can see and notice personnel, even if they are two-dimensional.

Addendum from ██/██/████ Since experiment XXX-INT-3, SCP-XXX-INT-A and -B are able to move in real-time, which facilitates communication.

Activities performed by SCP-XXX-INT-A and -B:

  • Dancing (20 know and 5 imagination)
  • Playing with the letters on the packaging
  • Talking with each other
  • Eating at a table
  • Sleeping in hammocks
  • Painting/writing on the "walls" of the picture
  • Making advertisement for other products by Dr. Wondertainment
  • Playing with a dog — probably named "Jeremy", this name being written on a name badge, hung on his necklace, currently referred to as an Instance of SCP-XXX-INT-C
  • Pushing pralines out of SCP-XXX-INT (See Experiment XXX-INT-2)
  • Walking over the edges of SCP-XXX-INT
  • Reading texts, laying on SCP-XXX-INT serves or edges

Addendum 2 — Testing Logs

Addendum 3 — Crosstesting


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