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Item #: SCP-081-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: Two parts of SCP-081-KO is divided in two different wooden box that is sized 2.2m×0.5m×0.5m and 1.2m×1.2m×0.5m respectively, and opening both boxes will be prohibited unless the special experiment is in progress. All personnel who was affected by SCP-081-KO will be prevented to attend in every meetings and cannot contact SCP-081-KO again.

Description: SCP-081-KO consists of 2 meters long spear(SCP-081-KO-1) and an iron shield sized 1 meter(SCP-081-KO-2), with an ancient Chinese characters written on both. When both SCP-081-KO-1 and SCP-081-KO-2 is on sight of somebody's vision, he or she will be affected and tries to pierce SCP-081-KO-2 using SCP-081-KO-1, and one of them will be destroyed in the process. If the affected personnel get SCP-081-KO-1 destroyed, they will agree to even the most irrational opinions, and will tell why they consent. Once the SCP-081-KO-2 is destroyed, the affected personnel will dissent to every opinion, including theories that are already known to be true. The effect of SCP-081-KO appears only on the question that can be answered "yes" or "no", and "opinions", not when people responds to other type of questions or orders. SCP-081-KO-1 works like a normal spear when it pierced other objects, and SCP-081-KO-2 had durability of normal shields. SCP-081-KO repairs itself for roughly 1 day when it is damaged.

Experiment Log 081-KO-1

Subject: D-671, who destroyed SCP-081-KO-2 with SCP-081-KO-1
Test process: D-671 was asked a simple mathematical fact(1+1=2) and whether she agrees or not.
Result: While D-671 said the correct answer which was 2, but she did not agree, with a few reasons why not. All of the reasons were based on D-671's educational level(middle school level)

Experiment Log 081-KO-2

Subject: D-875, who destroyed SCP-081-KO-2 with SCP-081-KO-1
Test process: D-875 was asked, "What's your name?".
Result: D-875 answered what his name is.

Experiment Log 081-KO-3

Subject: D-308, who couldn't destroy SCP-081-KO-2 using SCP-081-KO-1
Test process: D-308 was ordered to "Commit suicide".
Result: While D-308 said he agrees to the order, he did not take actions. D-308 was relocated to SCP-████.

Experiment Log 081-KO-4

Subject: D-1041, who destroyed SCP-081-KO-2 with SCP-081-KO-1.
Process: Agent ████ said a few opinions about policies, and asked reason why D-1041 agrees/disagrees.
Result: While D-1041 disagreed to every opinion of agent ████, but the reason was not so coherent.

Experiment Log 081-KO-5

Subject: D-587, who couldn't destroy SCP-081-KO-2 using SCP-081-KO-1.
Test process: D-587 was asked a few questions that can be answered "yes" or "no"(ex. Does sparrows have 4 wings?).
Result: D-587 said "Yes" to every question.

Experiment Log 081-KO-6

Subject: D-703
Test process: D-703 was told to hit SCP-081-KO-2 with SCP-081-KO-1 lightly.
Result: SCP-081-KO-2 was broken once SCP-081-KO-1 touches it.
Notes: Additional tests indicate that when humans try to put SCP-081-KO-1 and SCP-081-KO-2 together, one of them will be destroyed, no matter how lightly they were touched.

Experiment Log 081-KO-7

Subjects: D-1030(Middle school graduate) and D-5548(Elementary school graduated)
Test process: D-1030 and D-5548 had SCP-081-KO-1 and SCP-081-KO-2 destroyed respectively in their former experiment. A simple topic was given and their opinions were asked.
Result: This conversation led to a heated debate between D-1030 and D-5568. As their debate goes on, the level of their knowledge has been progressively increased, and they even quoted <The anthropological application and ████ ███ of the ███-██ equation>, the thesis written by the foundation personnel. Also, the language they used during the debate has slowly changed into ancient Chinese, and most of the words they say couldn't be interpreted after an hour of the debate. D-1030 and D-5548 was removed.

Addendum 081-KO-A

The shell and bone script that was written on SCP-081-KO was partially translated.

[Cannot be interpreted] is never on our side. Attack your enemy and crush every [Could be translated as "opinions" or "defenses"].
[Cannot be interpreted] is always on our side. Accept everything of your friend and defend all [Can be interpreted as "Objection", or "Spearing stance"].

Incident Log 081-KO-B

During the experiment on SCP-081-KO, D-611, who was already affected by it, used it once again. This killed D-611 with a big shock in the brain. ██ personnel nearby, including researcher ████ underwent drastic decrease in cognitive ability and increase in the sensory system, and the other ██ people had their cognitive ability increased highly, but lost almost every sensory system. SCP-081-KO was vanished and reappeared about a week later. After this incident, All personnel who was affected by SCP-081-KO was prohibited from approaching near SCP-081-KO.

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