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Hey, what's happened? There's been nothing strange until a while ago. Why is it blank? - Dr. ██

おい、何だこれ・・・・さっきまで普通だったのになんで白紙になってるんだ?- ██博士

What? It is blank from the beginning. - Agent ██

え?最初からありませんでしたよ- エージェント・██

Absolutely not. If somehow I am wrong, how on earth the blank paper can be numbered in the database? - Dr. ██

そんなわけあるか、仮に何かの間違いだとして、なんで白紙の報告書がデータベースにナンバリングされてるんだよ- ██博士

…Well, certainly it's nonsense. Let me take a look. - Agent ██

・・・あれ?それもそうですね。ちょっと調べてみます- エージェント・██

I gotta give up, couldn't reveal what's behind. I checked most-to-least history of this article, but even it says nothing about its origin. - Agent ██

駄目です、原因不明ですね・・・履歴を片っ端から漁りましたが、なぜこのページが存在しているのかそこにも書いてなかったです- エージェント・██

Dr. ██, have you made any progress? - Agent ██

██博士、そちらは何か進展はありましたか?- エージェント・██

…Dr. ██? I'm waiting for your reply. - Agent ██

・・・██博士?返事待ってます- エージェント・██

Heeey? - Agent ██

おーい- エージェント・██

You may make investigation of the incident, but you are forbidden to use fake name while writing reports. There exist no personnel called "Dr. ██" nor "Agent ██" in the Foundation. - O5-14

事件調査は結構ですが、報告書への書き込みにでたらめな名前を使うのをやめること。「██博士」も「エージェント・██」と呼ばれる人物も財団には存在しません- O5-14

Item #: SCP-404-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-404-JP is not currently contained due to its property. Personnel are to avoid accessing and appending to this article as well as possible.

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-404-JPは、その性質上、現在収容されていません。可能な限りアクセス、追記を控えてください。

Description: SCP-404-JP is a report in the Foundation database.
SCP-404-JP alters its text into the forms in which readers most naturally think that nothing is there, and erases its information from SCP-404-JP itself, any other storage, and human memory.

説明: SCP-404-JPは、財団のデータベース内に存在する報告書の1つです。

When SCP-404-JP gained its property is unknown, and how the Foundation discovered the said property is also unexplained.


That's wrong.
It doesn't erase sentences.
Eliminates what is mentioned in it!
Now I can do nothing but attempt to make it delete itself.
If my attempt failed, beg you, please do not append anything to it.
I hope this passage remains away from elimination.
My name is



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