The Church Of The Pure Blood

Group #: GOI-013, "The Church of the Pure Blooded"

Membership: One known factions, ~900,000 worldwide

Resources: USD$6-15 billion annually, anomalous capability

Status: Active

Description: The Church of Pure Blooded is an anomalous religious organization which worships mechanization and believes flesh and life to be inherently evil or "broken". Though its origins are unknown, Pure blood-related artifacts have been recovered from archaeological digs dating back to the Greek Classical period, and church dogma asserts its existence predates the appearance of life on Earth. Central to their theology is that their deity has been scattered, dispersed or otherwise rendered inert. Through the use of technology, often anomalous, Church followers seek to bring together the components of the body of God, thereby allowing the Divine a physical form to utilize and bringing about some sort of techno-organic apotheosis (Just like GOI-003). Several SCP objects have been attributed to this group since its discovery. Personnel may reference items indexed under "Pure_blooded" for a restricted list.

The current leader of the oldest extant denomination of "The Church Of The Pure Blood" is an individual identified in records as "Gennaíos Lýkos, O Katharós", who apparently gained the title in 1936, this has translated from Greek into "Brave Wolf, The Pure One"
(POI-4329)1 While this sect continues its efforts to reconstruct their deity, the religion as a whole has at some time in the past century undergone a major schism. Two significant breakaway movements from the original church have entered into a major theological conflict.

Church articles take the form of Holy Writ, a weird combination of technical manual and Biblical scripture. As it is obviously somewhat difficult to incorporate things like object classifications into scriptural form, the formatting guidelines for Church Holy Writ are somewhat different. For one, the style depends largely on which section of the Church you choose to focus on. They're divided up below.

Pure Blooded Writ, which is to say the classic or old-school Church we know and love, does not follow any specific formatting guidelines, but the style is key. These are legends, or the transcriptions of legends, which are probably older than most human civilizations. The core goal here is a mythic tone, a tendency to cover vast sweeps of time and the kinds of writing you'd see in old legends and creation stories. These are records of the destruction of a god, and should treat their subject matter with the utmost gravitas. Classic church Writ is never straightforward: their subject matter is couched in deep metaphor and deliberate obfuscations.

Half-Blooded Writ is like you stuck a notebook by Da Vinci or Brunel in a blender with a King James Bible. All Half-Blooded writ is taken from their massive Schema of the Patriarchs, and should be prefaced by an alphanumeric identification code hinting at the mind-numbing volume of written material the Orthodoxy produces. They are written in an archaic style with an intense devotion to detail and frequent use of cross-referencing. Remember that these are just as much factory output records and assembly line oversight documents as they are liturgical texts. Lines are individually numbered, with key words being capitalized. God is referred to as The GODDESS, and the "Devil" as The FLESH.

What follows is a slightly expanded version of the simple organizational notes I kept while planning and writing the Pure Blooded material for the contest. Obviously, none of this background info is totally all-encompassing or complete, and there are lots of gaps and absences that you, the author, should feel free to expand upon/exploit.

Orders of the Orthodoxy

* Goddess: (POI-4329) A highly insular body of unknown composition and extent. Provides final decision-making and control over all Church matters, as well as producing the memoranda and texts that become the Schema.

* Schematists-Spiritual Journeyman: Print, compile and organize the Schema based on instructions from the Patriarchs. Theoretically equally-ranked with all the other Orders, but in practice exert slightly more political pull because of their editing privileges over Writ.

* Legates-Exi: Internal affairs/Inquisition/Courts system. Investigate heresy, mediate disputes, entitled to direct action in cases of conflict within the Cathedral or other Church properties. One of the two officially Armed Orders, the other being the Militants.

* Militants-Etu: External Affairs/Self-defence. Deal directly with overt and covert threats to the Church, beyond the purvey of the Legates. Function as ambassadors or representatives to other groups, except in matters of doctrine (wherein Militant forces might be used to supplement a core group of Legates). The first of the two officially Armed Orders, the other being the Legates.

* Fabricators-Raji: Oversee production on Church properties. Act as foremen and quality control for Lay-Brothers and Sisters working in Fabrication duties. Determine which new Inventions are to be sent to the Patriarchs for Standardization approval.

* Inventors-Madu: Tasked with refining and creating new potential Standardized designs. Embark on Quests to answer key questions of theology and design. By default, all Church Sentient Analytical Engines act as members of the Inventors.

POI-4329 "Gennaíos Lýkos, O Katharós"
SCP: 4000?
Classification: Thaumiel, Observe, contain, and study. Notes: POI-4329 can turn into a firey mass much like SCP-457, we believe this some ascended reality form, or the ultimate divine form for her. She can do this at will, and return to normal entirety of a human body.

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