The Limited Few
If you are reading the following and are not Part of the List of People Bellow, Killing agents are installed in the following text


//Killing Agents Released//

//Hello CEO//

Info On The Time

//But sir isn’t that [INFROMATION REDACTED]//

Info On The Time

The Time is Kept In Check Inside Base Number [INFROMATION REDACTED] Kept in 10 feet thick steel 50 guards leathly armed, They Say The Time is Guarding the Guards. 


Talks only with those in higher level
When Guards with Clearance Below 5 come in Time reverses and they have no memory of it.

We asked The Time, about a previous outburst of Anger
> “I Wanted to see The World about something”
> Doctor [INFROMANTION REDACTED] “Why did you Phase Through Time?”

The Time Dissapered of the camera footage for a second and That Doctor was Never seen again.

The Time Has fought The [INFROMATION REDACTED]
Part of the SCP’s powers is to manipulate time But also Walk through time itself. Whenever The Time Bends Space Time a Nuculear Explosion bigger than Test Site 0 Happens. The 2nd Strongest in the limited few

Whenever he talks his mouth is blurred because Talking alone Slows and Fastens The Time 


 //SLAMS DESK// “You’re leaving today and going to Site - 8947” The Time Replies “Don’t speak to me that way Human” Officer Frened attempts to punch the time but only spasms and explodes on the ground.

End Info


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