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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Research Site-119

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Canadian Research Lab 119

Site Identification Code: CAN-RS-119

General Information


Site-119. Click to enlarge.

Founded: 9 March 2005

Founding Director: Director Shirley Gillespie

Location: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Cover Story: Apartment Complex

Site Function: Research

Jurisdiction: Canadian East Coast

Size: 90.5 Acres

Offices and Main Floors:

    Offices: Administration

    Sub-floor One: Storage

    Sub-floor Two: Research

    Sub-floor Three: Containment

    Sub-floor Vault: Secure Storage

Site Maps

Surface Facility Map


Depth Map



Facility Managers: 5

Researchers: 43

Medical Personnel: 10

Maintenance or Janitorial: 12

Security Personnel: 44

D-Class: 16

Surface Management Personnel: 9

Anomalies Currently Under the Jurisdiction of Site-119

ID Number Object Class

Additional Information

Research Site-119 is a smaller and newer research site compared to other SCP Facilities. Most of the underground facility is 30-70 feet under Boucher Forest. Site-119 is specialized in space-time warping anomalies. So far, due to its completion in 2008, no SCPs were ever stored the facility. Instead, entities were brought in, examined, then returned to a more suitable containment/research facility. Never has a containment breach occurred in the facility.

Authors Note: Feel free to add your SCPs to the jurisdiction of Site-119. However, only SAFE items under ORANGE classification should be stored here.

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