ThePaperMask's RP Character

Agent Willson near Site Virtus in Lazio, Italy.

Name: Tim Willson

Security Clearance: 3

Personal Clarification: B

Languages: German (native) | English

Mission: Scouting possible GoI-Members and PoIs.

Reason why he is in the academy: After Incident-DE/B29, it was demanded by the O4-Council of the german branch that he would spend a total of two years at the academy to improve his tactical and combat skills.

Career: Agent Willson has a degree in combat medicine. In 2001 he was picked up by the "Hunter-Seeker Talent Agency", which is a secret divison of the Foundation looking for new recurits. After a year of training the Foundation decided that he was good enough to become a Foundation Field Agent. After three years of field experience he quickly became leader of Field Divison DE-ℌ (Heinz) which was specialized in foreign missions.

Apperance: Willson preferes black clothing, usually suits. His tie is always in different colours, but mostly in a light colour. He is about 190cm (6'2" Inches) high and weighs about 85kg (187 lbs). His hair is black and his eyes are brown, yet people seem to not notice as he almost always wears sunglasses. Even when he sleeps. Scary stuff.

Personality: Willson is more of an introvertic egoist that does not fear being hated by other people. He does what results in the best for him, mostly not caring about other people's relation. He has been refered to as a "cool person" by people, as he is very cold-tempered and has almost never raged. Willson describes himself as a "loner" who does not like the company of other people and would rather work alone than anything else.

Traits and Training: Willson has spent a total of three years in combat school.

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