SCP 7556 (wooden cat)

Item #: SCP 7556

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP 7556 is locked
in a room that has a steel wall all around. when personnel
enter SCP 7556 container, they can not look at SCP 7556
and only one can enter at a time.

Description: SCP 7556 is a real looking wooden cat that you can find at a Chinese
workshop. when some one/thing looks at SCP 7556 a pitch black humanoid entity, that has paws
that has hands and feet and it has cat ears. the humanoid entity known as SCP 7556-1 comes up from the ground and pull you down with no mercy. before
that happens you feel really sick and you feel a push at your back
like some thing kicking your back.

personnel found SCP 7556 at a Chinese home in ██████████. they heard
a loud noise then rushed to the house. they saw a wooden cat on the ground
with a crack on its back then they brought SCP 7556 to site ██.
after a day SCP 7556-1 killed them all.

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