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The (first) International Contest, Theme: Foreign Groups of Interest!

In this contest, you will have to write your own article featuring a Group of Interest from another branch! If you want to see a quick overview of all the different GoIs from all of the branches, you can look at the GoI Index. This contest is hosted by ThePaperMaskThePaperMask.
The rules go as following:

  1. You may write more than one article
  2. You may work together in groups
  3. You may only be a member of one group
  4. Your group chooses one main GoI that they then focus all of their articles on. Other GoIs may be included, and they may even play a major part, sometimes even a bigger part than the GoI you picked, but most of the articles you write have to be centered or focussed on the GoI you have picked. When it comes to which GoI you can choose, you may not choose a GoI that is already taken. First to come, first to choose. However, if there are more participanting groups than GoIs, then people may choose GoIs that have already been picked. Also: If you really want to focus on a GoI that is already taken, contact the captain of the team currently occupying your GoI (listed below) and try to bargain. If no compromise can be found and you still both really want the GoI, contact ThePaperMaskThePaperMask either via Wikidot PM or via Discord (@Qog'oz#3184, I can be found on the Discord of INT)
  5. You may not pick a GoI from a branch that any of the team members are from. For example: If a team consists of two italians, one french person and one spanish-speaking person, no french, italian or spanish GoI may be choosen as the groups main GoI
    1. If a group member identifies with multiple branches, this rule applies for all of the GoIs of all of the branches they identify themself with.
  6. Main branch GoIs may not be choosen as a groups main - this is the international GoI Contest after all
  7. You may not use more than one main branch GoI in an article
  8. The SCPs you write have to be published on both your own branch and on INT1. Put a little reminder text at the top of your article on your own branch that the vote on INT counts on whether you win or not.
    1. If a group includes people from different branches, you may choose one Branch to post it on. For example, if an italian member and a english member are in a group, they can either publish their articles on -IT and -INT (due to the italian person) or on the main branch and INT. (due to the main branch member)
    2. Should an article be deleted due to a low rating on either INT or a branch, its counterpart will have to be deleted as well
  9. If you do not speak english or think your english isn't sufficient to write/translate an article, you can simply post your articles on your branch and ask a member of your branch to translate it for you (However, if your articles are not on the translation archive by the writing threshold, they will not count)
  10. If you have a group, copy and paste the template and add yourself. Please sort them alphabetically. Also check if the Group of Interest you want to pick is already occupied. If not, fill in the blanks on the template and mark your GoI as occupied in the list down below
  11. Each Team has a Captain, who organizes the team. Please pick an active person as the Captain
  12. All form of articles are permitted
  13. You may NOT use drafts that existed before this page went up
  14. There will be two phases: a writing phase and a rating phase. The writing phase will take roughly two months, from DATEX to DATEY. The rating phase will take a month and go from DATEY to DATEZ.
  15. During the writing phase, articles may be posted. As soon as this writing phase closes, no articles can be submitted. Groups without any articles will be disqualified
  16. The contest will close at the end of the rating phase, and the winner is determined by the average rating of all articles made by their group for the contest posted on INT. Note: the rating on your own branch does not matter.
  17. Reminder: This is NOT an event of branch vs branch, this is made to show people that these international Groups of Interest do exist, and that they have a high potential for really good articles. Please keep that in mind.
  18. Should you ask for votes (no matter if upvotes or downvotes) on any article on this contest, on any platform (should this be IRC, a discord server or some form of DM) your group will be completely disqualified.
  19. It is recommended to check the GoI Index!
    1. Should this Index not be detailed enough for you, ask either the creator of the GoI (if given) or ask a member of the branch the GoI is from
  20. Please put the following reminder (in your language) at the top of the articles of your group posted on your own branch:

Reminder: This article is part of the International Contest! You are free to vote on this article here, however, the only vote that counts for the contest is on this pages counterpart on the international wiki. If you don't speak english, feel free to read it here and then later vote on it on the international wiki.

The last sentence should obviously be left out in an article posted on the main branch. The second URL should be replaced with the english counterpart on SCP-INT.

Groups of Interest:

Reminder: You cannot focus your group on a GoI that is from the same branch as any of your members! For more info, read Rule 5.



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