ThePaperMask's Sandbox

Roll up, Roll up!

The INT Contest, Theme: Foreign GoIs!

In this contest, you will have to write your own article featuring a GoI from another branch!
The rules go as following:

  1. You must use at least 1 GoI
  2. You can use as many GoIs as you like (apart from 0)
  3. The GoIs you use can be from your own branch, although they are not allowed to be the main part.
  4. At least one GoI you use must not be from EN
  5. You may not use more than one EN-GoI
  6. All GoI must be taken (if there are at least as many participators as there are GoI), first to come, first to choose
  7. The SCPs you write have to be published on both your own branch and on INT1
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