Time Warping Pencil

Item: SCP-0000
Object Class: Safe Euclid

Addendum-01: Due to the growing threat of seismic activity around the facility and [DATA REDACTED], SCP-0000's classification has been upgraded to Euclid; put into effect ██/██/20██.

Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 is currently kept in a box with 1 meter thick walls made of extremely aged sedimentary rock obtained from Site-██'s mining shaft, said rock should roughly predate 2,000,000 years age. Under no circumstances should the rock be refined or polished in any artificial way. The box must be suspended by steel girders in a tankard of water, the water should be monitored for any changes. During testing, the box will be removed via robotic arm with extreme caution.
SCP-0000's containment chamber surface degree is to always be monitored 24/7 for any seismic activity. The containment chamber should also be monitored for any possible signs of deterioration or regeneration. SCP-0000's chamber slant should be, at most, a marginal degree of 0.067o.

Description: SCP-0000 is what appears to be a pencil with the brand name and the serial number scratched out. On the side of the pencil, written in blue ink, are the characters "No.∞". SCP-0000 resists any form of damage by regenerating itself through means of time distortion, resetting itself to a time where the damage was not inflicted.
The eraser in SCP-0000 has been mostly scratched out. The material in the eraser from here on will be classified as SCP-0000-01.
SCP-0000 when held at a slant, can either make the age of an particular subject (alive or not) increase, or it can reverse the age for the subject. This process depends on three things: What degree slant the pencil is at, whether the tip of the pencil is slanting up or down, and whether the tip is touching a solid object. If the tip is slanting up, then time will be accelerated for the subject, if the tip is pointing down, then time will be reversed for the subject. If the point is touching a surface then that surface will be the subject of the time distortion. If no material as large as something detectable by the naked eye is touching the tip, then the subject that is holding SCP-0000 is affected by its properties.
SCP-0000 has been known to create time distortions that affect large areas at random intervals. See Addendum-02 for more details.
Testing with SCP-0000-01 have confirmed that its properties include:

Testing with SCP-0000-01 is postponed until further notice from the O5 council. See Test Logs for information regarding the potential use of SCP-0000 as a way to prolong life.

Addendum -02: Dr.████ was observing and recording the features of SCP-0000 when it started to affect space-time around itself. Dr.████ was thrown back by the wave. Dr.████ then proceeded to behave in a very strange manner, see Interview-A-01.

Origin: SCP-0000 was found at the site of [DATA REDACTED] in the ruble of a house. Reports had come in from neighbors that the house had "crumbled into pieces in mere seconds". When tested, the ruble of the home appeared to be thousands of years old, despite the house being built three years ago.
1 human skeleton and 1 deceased Caucasian human male were found in the ruble, dental records from the first victim showed the skeleton was hundreds of years old. The second victim was thought to have died from extreme head trauma. Both were identified as ████ ██████ and █████████ ██████. SCP-0000 was found on a degraded desk lying at a 179.4o angle.
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