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Name: Leon Smythe

Security Clearance: Level 2

Personnel Classification: Class B

Languages: English (native)

Position: Researcher of non-sentient anomalies

Reason to be at the Academy: He is at the academy to learn the basics of researching sentient anomalies. He also suspects that he has been placed in the academy as practice interacting with other people

Functions: Studies non-sentient SCP objects to determine the precise nature of their anomalous properties, e.g. What they do, and how they work. He is by no means an employee of particular import, but has shown remarkable talent for explaining anomalies

Career: Leon Smythe was born in 1995 in Canterbury, England. He had always displayed an interest in the unexplainable, and after getting remarkably high scores on online physics and chemistry courses at the age of nineteen, was tasked with explaining several low level, previously explained, anomalies by the SCP foundation, under the cover of a local university. These tasks were a test to measure the capability of Leon for the role of researcher. A year later, when Leon was at the age of twenty, he was recruited by the SCP foundation and given basic training. Leon has since spent two years as a researcher for the foundation, the first year spent explaining low level anomalies, and the second spent documenting medium level anomalies.

Appearance: He stands at 183 cm and has a scrawny figure. His hair is dirty blond, and kept short. He is clean-shaven and has grey eyes. When not inside a laboratory he commonly wears a plain t-shirt and blue jeans. He speaks English, and knows just enough Spanish to remark upon events in a joking manner. He often speaks with a stutter around other people, as opposed to using exclamations such as "um."

Personality: Leon is a person who cares for little more than his work. He avoids social encounters as often as possible because, "people are difficult." In working environments Leon is simple and to the point, almost never using metaphors, but has a tendency to state the obvious. In social environments, Leon is shy and soft spoken, preferring to observe conversation than take part. In hostile environments, such as arguments, or combat scenarios, Leon is often annoyed, snappish, and argumentative, making numerous sarcastic remarks.

Traits and Training:

  • Has a mild allergy to pollen and grass
  • Has a near eidetic memory, and can remember everything he has ever read since the age of sixteen
  • Easily understands most explanations, and can carry out a task with only a basic amount of instruction
  • Has passed a basic self defense class
  • Has passed numerous research classes, relating to both anomalous and non-anomalous materials
  • Has an excellent understanding of the non-anomalous world
  • Understands and can explain most non-anomalous phenomena
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