ITEM# : SCP- 3218
SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCDURES : Must be kept at a facility with at least a
2.5 mile oval standard guage railway line.
This object appears o be a drastically augmented and modified example of the British Rail class 35 dieselhydraulic locomotive with the pre - TOPS of D7100,thus implying that this is the 101st class 35 produced. The anomalous properties that this locomotive posesses include an artificial intellegence and a computer core in the place of its multiple working unit. The outward appearance o thislocomotive is the originl brunswick green with limw stripe and no warning panels.This locomotive however does have a speaker unit and a computer interface on the front of the locomotive and the computing unit appears , upon further inspection ,to run on the windows 7 64 bit operating system although this is yet to be confirmed. This locomotive also seems to posess extra dimensional properties as it seems to be capable of opening an inter dimensional rift that is currently undocumented as of this date.

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