how many urinals do we need?


Dr. Ke's handmade description of SCP-CN-123-J, explained why seven urinals cannot be used for four people

Item #: SCP-CN-123-J

Object Class: Keter Eucild Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Because of its wide propagation, it is impossible to contain it completely. Foundation is working hard to clear the effect of SCP-CN-123-J, but only makes very small influences.

(updated in 14/5/2018) Foundation had found out the way to clear the effect of SCP-CN-123-J perfectly by thegeniusdesign of Dr. Ke, now is working to spread it to the whole world, but only makes very small influences.

(updated in 17/5/2018) Class Two assistant researcher Huskar had proposed a more constructive suggest : using boards to divide neighbour urinals. The investigation of the foundation showed that this suggestion had been in more than half of China's restroom. According to RAD's anlysis, SCP-CN-123-J can be contained compelety if using the appropriate boards (with the correct length, height and width). A peripheral company called Special Cleanroom Planning Corporation is sending to spread this way to the whole world.

Description: SCP-CN-123-J is an abnormal influence of cognition which only happens on male persons. Its main apperence is, influenced males (called SCP-CN-123-J-1) must comply with two rules below when they can, as soon as they using the public restroom:

  • choosing the urinal which is farthest from others, and choosing the farthest urinal from the door when there is no other person in the restroom.
  • there is at least one unusing urinal between two people.

SCP-CN-123-J-1 would continue to excrete when these two rules did not be complied, but they would have psychological changes for s short time, usually comes up with saddness and slight anxiety; but SCP-CN-123-J-1 will felt a little overwhelming frustrated in some situations.

Nothing has been found as the catalyst of SCP-CN-123-J's propagation, conjecture it is in our body since we birth.

I'm just confused, its only excretions in the restroom, why are you leavingeach other so far? -Dr. Hannah

No, you won't understand, you females excreting in the single rooms won't understand. It's the same unbearable as two guys using one urinal! -Dr. Ke

Well them, okay. -Dr. Hannah

Note: Dr. Ke is getting investigate because of the suspect about the sexual harassment to Dr. Hannah.

Addendum: A chart of the relationship between the number of males going to excret and urinals needed to go on the excretion normaly:
number of males number of urinals
1 1
2 3
3 5
4 8
5 9
6 14
7 15

Note: more computings stop temporary by Dr. Ke's refuse.

Really, why did I compute this thing? -Dr. Ke

Addendum 2:
In 14/5/2018, Dr. Ke speaked in random proposed "why don't just add the place of a urinal between two urinals" in the researching on SCP-CN-123-J. The proposition was judged immediately as the effective way to contain SCP-CN-123-J. The containment procedure was updated.

What a waste of place to adding places between urinals, could we just use boards to divide them? -Class Two assistant researcher Huskar

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