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Types of facilities

Foundation have many facilities on the whole world, starting from small ones, where there are only a few personel, ending on enormous, having thousand of personel working.


Sites are under cover, which means their existence is known to public, but are under disguise of business or goverment facilities. Sites are often placed near well crowded areas, so their official meaning can be underlined.


Areas are top secret, what means that public does not know that they even exist. Areas are usually build away from crowded places and can store most dangerous anomalies. The vast majority of areas have strict safety protocols, such as having underneath them a nuclear devise.



Sectors are main sections of facilities; these sections are containment, research or storage. Details about usage of sectors depends on sites goals and size.


Units are independent sections of facilities, where anomalies are stored. Units can be put on self lockdown in case of the containment breach or other catastrophic event. Personel going in or out of units ususally are subjects to decontamination procedures.


Prefixes are used to easily indicate facilities specialisation. Usually they are added only to inside communication.


Site or its section are covered by most rigoristic safety measurments possible, since inside are stored enemy items or risk of enemy attack is very high. Facilities of this type have usualy a lot of firearms and armored vehicles, as well as very high ammount of safety personel. In regular military facility number of task forces oscilate around battalion or regiment.

Biological (Bio.)

Site or its section are used for infectious or otherwise biohazardous anomalies. Sites and their sections of that type can be placed into self lockdown to prevent escape of said anomalies.


Site or its section are equiped and used for containment of anomalies.


Site or its section are intended for research and containment of extradimmensional anomalies, as well as ones that breaks laws of physics or bends spacetime.


Site or its section are used for containment and research of more inteligent humanoid entities or almost-humanoid, if they are willing to comply. This types of places can be compared to state penitentiary institutions.


Site or its section are "fully safe" (free of anomalies effects). In this places never can be any anomally.


Site or its section are constructed on anomally impossible to move. This types of facilities are usually created for containing only one anomally.


Site or its section are used for containment and research of religious or historical obiects.


Site or its section are used for research on anomalies, general technology or metodology.


Site or its section are used for long term contianment of nonautonomous anomalies.


Site or others location of Foundation which does not belong to above structure.


Outposts are small facilities builded in many places around the world. Most often they are a small bulidings or enclaves inside bigger buildings. Their task is to monitor communication in given region for any signs of unusual activity and watch over close-by Sites. Many watchpoints are used as safe communication nodes or hideout for Foundation agents.

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