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Item#: SCP-505-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-505-KO does not need particular Special Containment Procedures. It is stored in the cafeteria for Class D personnel in site █.

Description: SCP-505-KO is an ordinary school bag. Its bottom is soaked with blood. When it is closed and overturned, it opens by itself and various body parts fall out. DNA results of each piece of body are all different. Amongst the body parts that have been collected are heads, legs, arms, and internal organs. In a recent experiment, an almost perfect human body was constructed from the body parts from inverting the SCP-505-KO seven times. Body parts in the bag show almost no signs of decay, and may come from either male or female bodies. The age of the body parts have been established at no more than 20 years of age by telomere testing.

SCP-505-KO was discovered at the scene of a kidnapping that happened in Japan in 20██.

Addendum: Suggestion

I have an idea to use SCP-505-KO. If we turn it over again and again with a motor, we can make a supply of infinite protein. Food expences for Class D personnel can be reduced. ~ Site Director █████████

Permission granted. And █████████ should undergo psychological testing and be administered memory modification or eliminated depending on the results. ~ O5-11

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