SCP-ES-019 - Apocalyptic Headphones

Item #: SCP-ES-019

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-019 is to be located in a safe deposit box in a Site-34 warehouse. Any personnel interested in experimenting with SCP-ES-019 may do so by obtaining authorization from at least one Level 3 staff member. Only D-Class personnel will have physical access to SCP-ES-019.

Description: SCP-ES-019 has the appearance of a pair of wireless headphones with AM/FM radio, also incorporating a red and black MP3 player, brand and year of unknown issue. It has some scratches and minor damage to the casing, produced during its recovery. SCP-ES-019 has the peculiarity that, when tuning any AM-FM frequency, different transmissions are perceived randomly. The duration of these transmissions are completely unpredictable, varying from a few seconds to ███ consecutive hours.

Most of the content of these messages are mentions of different endpoints of the human race, being reported by variable voices. Some of the messages indicate that these disasters took place due to different factors, among which are other SCPs, where even some are taken as everyday and/or marketable objects.

A side effect of SCP-ES-019 is that in approximately ██% of the subjects who listened to the broadcasts for at least thirty seconds, they will be convinced to avoid these catastrophes by making such events not occur either by killing a person before his/her birth, destroying the artifact before it is a threat, or [DATA EXPUNGED]. They can be treated with class A amnesiacs, with the exception of subjects with a history of mental problems, mainly those affected by obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychopathy and schizophrenia, which will continue in this condition permanently. The reason why these subjects do not respond to the treatments is not known, speculating that it may be a side effect of SCP-ES-019 on said group of people.

Addendum: SCP-ES-019 was recovered from a warehouse owned by a shell company of Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. in the port of the city of [REDACTED], during a joint follow-up with members of the Global Occult Coalition, in order to detect, according to informants, the possible presence of SCP-███ or SCP-███ within that building. Shortly after the surveillance began, a small group of armed persons appeared and forced their way into the warehouse, starting a shootout that resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED] with minimal losses among the agents of the Foundation and the GOC; however, much of the stored material was lost, with the exception of SCP-ES-019 and some documents about potential customers that were recovered from among the remains. There were no survivors of the group that attacked the warehouse or the people who could have been inside to determine if SCP-ES-019 was the only component of a lot or only part of a lot with more elements. The incident was concealed as a gang fight that ended with the destruction of the building by a gas leak that resulted from the shooting.

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